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Cycling World is Pakistan’s biggest online cycling store offering range of Kids BiCycles, Road Bikes, Mountain Bikes, Motor Bikes Touring Bikes, Hybrid Bikes, Sports Bikes, BMX Bicycles, TriCycles, Cycling Accessories etc.

Cycling World head office is located in Karachi with bicycle and accessories delivery across Pakistan. Our wide range of Branded bicycles includes Giant Bicycles, Trinx Bicycles, Fareast Bicycles and branded accessories including bicycle front lights, bicycles rear lights, helmets, airpumps and other Bicycle Accessories .

Cycling World also featured budget bicycles including Cobalt Bicycles, Continental Bikes for adults and kids.


We loves you biking and racing. Find the ones from our ultimate range of Branded Bike.


We can get your special orders next to your door. All orders are subject to local. Additional charges apply


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Waseem Cycle Store

Waseem Cycle Store: Your destination for top-quality cycling products. 🚲 Explore our range of premium bicycles, accessories, and expert services. Pedal your way to excellence with us! "Experience ultimate comfort with Servis tires and tubes at Waseem Cycle Store. Say no to low-quality options and ride with confidence. Discover a wide selection of premium accessories like lights, locks, and more. Elevate your cycling journey with us.


Start by choosing the type of frame that suits your needs, such as road, mountain, hybrid, or cruiser. Consider factors like frame material (aluminum, carbon fiber, steel, etc.), size, and geometry for a comfortable fit.

Tires and Tubes: Pick the right tires and tubes for your riding conditions. If you're into road cycling, you'll want slick, narrow tires. For off-road, go for wider, knobby tires for better traction.